Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Planting has begun!

A good day was had on Saturday with much garden progress, highlights include:
  • Weeding the beds and planting tomatoes and courgette plants.
  • Jerusalem archichoke have come again from last year, so weeded around to and moved to give space  
  • Planted mangetout pea seeds along chain link fence bounary
  • Laid second brick path up into Sue Godfrey garden 
  • Variety of herb seeds sown in the herb bed 
  • Tree pit for the plum tree dug 
  • Bee and insect houses hung from the trees and shrubs (made of bamboo)  
And the REALLY good, is that we finally have a date for when Thames Water will connect the new tap... Saturday 24th May... so soon we will have water!


1 comment:

  1. mia also planted a lovely red climbing rose to go up the chain link fence over the sheds with the hops...

    We planted seeds in the herb bed... red welsh onions, garlic and ordinary chives, basil,spring onions

    And today we bought lots of lovely veggie plants to plant over the weekend when we celebrate the arrival of water!

    Cabbages, sprouts, cauliflowers, sweetcorn courgettes, cucumbers and crazy tomatoes.

    Weve also got beans and fat peas to plant so we need to get busy!